Over the 2020 lockdown I began an ambitious project with a friend. We wanted to attempt creating a large survival game. The intention of the project was to identify what tools and problems we would need to build a game of this nature and use this as an opportunity to learn.

This project was also a chance for me to break away from programming and approach something from the perspective of a designer.

My main goal for this project was to figure out how I could build levels that would be part of a larger world.

From the technical side I built several tools including a tool that would use Unity’s Addresables to stream scenes as chunks and a tile tool that would let me build simple paths and roads.

I believed that an important tool in this process would be an analytics tool that could record and visualize players movements and interactions in the world. I planned to reuse a simple tool I had built that tracked players movement in a build and drew lines in the Unity scene view showing which paths players took and which areas remained untouched.